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RacingSchools.com's iconic brand is FOR SALE.

An offer to purchase the intellectual property and website is currently being considered. Please direct any inquiries to info@RacingSchools.com

Please check back here for an update in the near future.

Welcome to RacingSchools.com

RacingSchools.com was created in 1996.                 

We are authorized sales agents for many of the world's best auto racing, high performance and exotics driving schools. Think of us as a source of Motorsports entertainment information and sales services for school operators in North America and beyond. 

If you're new to the world of auto racing schools and extreme driving experiences, or if you are simply confused by all of the choices, we'd love to share our knowlege of the industry with you. Call or email us your questions, and we'll steer you in the right direction.

At RacingSchools.com, you'll always get unbiased, expert advice at no cost to you.

GROUP & CORPORATE PROGRAMS: Looking for an unusual group or coporate outing venue? How about a day at the race track driving real race cars? Check out our Corporate page option on our menu bar to find out how we can help your company create guest memories that will last a lifetime.

Most Any School. Any Time. Anywhere.


NEWS UPDATE! Insider info just exposed! February 2015

RacingSchools.com is your trusted source for insider information!

Call us before making your purchasing decision and find out which schools we recommend, which ones we don't and why.


Why Choose RacingSchools.com?

Because RacingSchools.com has been a trusted source of racing and driving experience information and enrollment services for over 17 years. Who else will tell you the TRUTH about the industry players? NO ONE!

RacingSchools.com is backed by a world-wide network of extreme driving experience providers. Whether you are looking for that unique gift for the man or woman in your life, or a group or corporate event for hundreds, RacingSchools.com has the know-how to make your event perfect. The RacingSchools.com staff will be happy to explain all the nuances between all of the different operators.



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